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Smartbook "Rock Star"

Price: 89 $
The pearl of our Smartbooks collection.

Each page demonstrates a legendary rock band: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, ACDC, RHCP and Nirvana.

Rubber band gun

Price: 19 $
Recently Bullet-Tooth Tony came by. He told several stories and showed his Desert Eagle .50. We had a good talk and a couple of black beers but then he got a call and had to go. Tony said that he would definitely come again and left one of his guns as a gift. Not the Desert Eagle, of cause, but also a good one.

Smartbook "Cinderella"

Price: 79 $
This is a Smartbook for a little princess. Cinderella wakes up, goes for a walk, gets prepared for a ballroom dancing in the evening, drives a carriage, looks for a lost shoe... Well, she has a busy day.
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