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Bowties Set "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Price: 27,99 $
A set of bowties for those kids who can't wait until they grow up and start wearing suits. When your child knows what the word "style" means.

MATERIALS: pure cotton bodysuits from F&F, H&M, Marks&Spencer, 100% felt of different colors.

Covent Garden Purse

Price: 59,99 $
We represent you not just an accessory but an engineering solution: a stylish and minimalistic purse that changes its mood. For women who like to be different but at the same time to stay themselves.

Vintage Cigarette Case (model from 60-ies)

Price: 29,99 $
Genuine leather cigarette case. There were several reasons why we came up with this product: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and the "Mad Men" TV series.

Leather Bracelet "NO LIMITS"

Price: 17,99 $
We love natural materials and quality. Another thing we love is to make people think.

That is why we created personalized bracelets and called them "NO LIMITS". Each one is individual not just because it's handcrafted but also you chose your OWN text on it. We just use our job and great vegetable tanned leather to give your idea a nice shape.
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