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Covent Garden Purse

Price: 59,99 $
We represent you not just an accessory but an engineering solution: a stylish and minimalistic purse that changes its mood. For women who like to be different but at the same time to stay themselves.

The idea was given to us by one of our clients from Moscow, who traveled around the world and in one of her trips found a similar purse at Covent Garden district in London, so we decided to leave it as a name. In general, we added some innovations to the idea and implemented it in natural materials and fine craftsmanship.

Apart from a high quality leather that feels and smells good we've added various changeable figures, that make the purse unusual. Thus, there are 10 different figures in 5 different colors to match your season, shoes, clothes, accessories or simply your mood!

For example, if you go fishing than you'd definitely put your sardine on, when visit a rock concert there's a whole set for you: scull, disco-scull, guitar, vinyl or a music note. Of course we've also got cats, bones, glasses and stars for you just in case :)

Make sure to note which figures you are interested in when placing the order.

Size: 15x25 cm, small leather pocket inside
Colors: black, red, brown, beige
Materials: genuine Italian leather, steel chain.
Figures: fauna (a cat, a sardine, dog's bone), music (vinyl, music note, electric guitar, scull, disco-scull), for girls-girls (stars, glasses)
Figure colors: black, red, white, bright-yellow, bright-orange

1 purse + 1 figure (of your choice) = $59,99
1 additional figure (of your choice) = $5*
*if you order 5+ pcs = $3 per each

2 purses + 5 figures (of your choice) = $119,99
To order a set of two please note it in your order.

Make emotional gifts fellas! ;)
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$ 59,99
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