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Vintage Cigarette Case (model from 60-ies)

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Genuine leather cigarette case. There were several reasons why we came up with this product: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and the "Mad Men" TV series.

Paper pack is no doubts a practical, convenient and cheap decision to bring your cigarettes along with you. But if you want to have your personal cigarette keeper - beautiful, with no big labels and no frustrating pictures on it, then you should try our cigarette case.

Handcrafted from a genuine Italian leather, it will make smoking a truly intimate ritual as it was long ago: starting with the moment you put your cigarettes into it and ending up with getting them out. You will have no choice but to enjoy a good tobacco flavor.

The case can contain up to 20 cigarettes of a standard size or slims. A side pocket is intended to keep your lighter just near at hand. While thinking about palette we decided to pick classic colors of 60-ies: chocolate, dark brown and black.

Everyone has their own weaknesses. Sometimes we need just to stop worrying about it and to start enjoying.
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