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Leather Bracelet "NO LIMITS"

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We love natural materials and quality. Another thing we love is to make people think.

That is why we created personalized bracelets and called them "NO LIMITS". Each one is individual not just because it's handcrafted but also you chose your OWN text on it. We just use our job and great vegetable tanned leather to give your idea a nice shape.

Here a couple of ideas of what you can put on your bracelets:
- (for yourself or for your friend) - name, nickname, motivational phrase "STAY TRUE" or "DON'T GIVE UP" or something patriotic;
- (for a couple) - name, nickname, initials or two parts of one phrase, e.g. "TOGETHER" and "FOREVER", "BEST HUSBAND" and "BEST WIFE" etc.
- (for a company of friends) - nicknames, uniting phrase like "FRIENDS FOREVER" or "ALCO FRIENDS" - or a motto that unites you.

With our bracelets you are limited only with Roman alphabet (CAPITAL LETTERS), digits and your imagination!

Bracelets are made from a fine vegetable tanned leather of a natural color (light brown) and will alter/tan with time. We gently cover each bracelet with beeswax and polish it for water resistance. A special metal holster screw at our bracelets makes a reliable joint for your accessory, much better than a button fastener. All processes are handmade.

You may order single or double bracelet. Prices are:

1. SINGLE - $14.99
2. DOUBLE - $17.99

S - if your wrist is less than 16 cm (you may use thread and a ruler to make measurements.
M - if your wrist is less than 18 cm and more than 16 cm.
L - if your wrist is less than 21 cm and more than 18 cm.

Please make measurements tightly to your wrist, we'll make sure that your bracelet fits well.

And switch your fantasy ON! :)

Since vegetable tanned leather is a completely eco-friendly material, it's a bit more sensitive than any other. Please try to avoid swimming or taking a bath with your bracelet on, keep it away from oils, solvents and other chemicals. Believe us, this simple caring will be compensated with a great tactile pleasure and a very pleasant smell of your accessory.
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Дарим одинарный кожаный браслет "NO LIMITS" из натуральной кожи растительного дубления. Вы можете выбрать индивидуальную надпись и удивить кого-то из друзей. Или сделать приятный сюрприз ребенку. It's your call!
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