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  is a manufactory of unusual handmade that combines traditional handicraft techniques with present-day people's demands.
We try our best to offer truly unique and useful products.

The idea of the alternative handmade manufactory was born spontaneously. Having a 5-year career at the office selling services we realized one dy that we could not "touch" the results of our work. In that very moment we came up with a thought that it would be great to create something tangible, something that would drive people's emotions, something REAL. After spending a bunch of time for creative search, discussions with the best craftsmen and tens of screwed samples we firmly decided that we wanted to create not just real products but high-end and unique products.

One can compare Our job to a birth of a child or with a software development: we get an idea => our designers' and craftsmen's teams thoroughly explore and upgrade it, develop a prototype => then we create several samples as a first batch, try them on us and on our friends => upgrade it again => create the second batch, try it again... This "maturation period" continues until we are happy with the result. Only after this evolution our new child is neing born.

3 key principles of
Uniqueness. Each product is handmade and differs from others. Our customers understand that we can't create to absolutely the same products.
Quality. We gathered the best craftsmen and work only with a high-quality materials. That's it.
Practicality. Before we offer our new products to our customers we take a time to test first batches for how useful the product is.
« is a place where ideas get real.»
— Andy Meshkov, the founder of Muha Handmade
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